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Australian Study

Australia is said to be the third most popular country for international education, behind only the USA and UK, and this is with good reason. With eight of the top 100 universities in the world, and institutes that offer a wide variety of courses and degrees, international students can choose a course in the field of their interest.

Educational opportunities and infrastructure are among the best in the world, and the teachers follow a system whereby students are encouraged to explore, carry out their own research and learn through hands-on methods, rather than through mindless rote learning.

Australian degrees are recognized all over the world and students who have graduated from Australian institutes of learning find it easy to find global careers, and hold high positions in leading corporate across the world.

While the standard of living in Australia is very high, the cost of living is comparatively low- and this allows for a good quality of life and a stress-free environment. Living expenses and tuition costs are lower than in the US and UK, and a range of scholarships are available for the deserving and needy.

Australian society is multicultural, safe and friendly and students will be able to find others from their own culture in and around their neighborhood. The lifestyle is laid back and they will find plenty of opportunities for leisure as well. They can explore the beautiful outback, soak in the sun at Australia’s golden beaches, or swim with a spectacular array of colorful fishes in deep blue lagoons.

The YESTE team is well versed in all aspects of study in Australia, and can guide you through all the choices that you may have to make to reach your dream educational destination.