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Other Visas

There are a number of special visas provided for those who wish to travel to Australia for a specific purpose such as domestic work, training and research, sports, medical treatment, entertainment or retirement. 

  • Temporary Work visas are available for Exchange, Sport and Religious work streams.

  • Resident Return visas are provided to permanent residents who wish to travel back to Australia.

  • Bridging visas are provided to allow those whose visa has ended to stay lawfully in the country, till they can get another substantive visa.

  • Entertainment visas are granted to people who are part of the Entertainment industry, to work on a temporary basis up to a period of two years.

  • A Medical Treatment visa is provided to those who wish to travel to Australia for medical treatment or consultations. It is also given to those who will be supporting someone in need of medical treatment who holds or has applied for this visa, or those who wish to donate an organ.

  • A Training and Research visa is for those who wish to undertake occupational training, or wish to conduct or observe research as a visiting academic. They can also take part in a professional development program in Australia temporarily.

  • Other special category family visas are also available and our Migration experts will be able to guide you in this regard.