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Student Visa

The Australian student visa permits you to study and work in Australia during the duration of your course, plus 28 days after the end of your classes.

You can apply for a student visa if you have gained admission to any of the following:

•    Language courses (eg General English, IELTS, ELICOS, and so on)

•    Professional courses of study( VET courses)

•    Undergraduate studies( Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD)

The visa will be linked to the COE (Confirmation of Enrolment) provided by the school or college, which mentions the starting and ending dates of the course of study. You are permitted to stay on for a month (28 days to be exact) after your last class, in order to search for a job.

Students can legally work part-time, up to 40 hours every two weeks, during the course period. You can work full time during semester vacations.  Part time work is paid very generously and you could use the income to pay for your food, accommodation and transport.

With a student visa, you can also allow your spouse and children to join you as dependents. There are various types of student visas, including the following:

•    Independent ELICOS

•    Schools

•    Vocation Education

•    Higher Education

•    Postgraduate Research

•    Non-award sector

•    Foreign affairs or Defence

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