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Founded in 2011, YESTE Consulting Pty Ltd is a specialist Migration and Visa Consultancy based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. We are an overseas migration services consulting firm with an excellent track record of aiding clients in migrating and settling down in Australia.

Our team of migration experts is headed by a Registered Migration Agent and has a strong background in helping professionals migrate overseas to further their career prospects. We offer high quality end-to-end professional immigration consultancy services. Our services are very affordable, and start from skill/trade assessments, immigration advice & visa application services right up to arrival and settlement in Australia. We assist you with every aspect of your shift to Australia, including adjusting to the different culture and work environment.

Going to school/University far from home can be very exciting, but at the same time the admission process is intimidating. Planning for an education abroad requires expert guidance, and we can help you by simplifying the process of picking the right university, going through all the application and admission formalities, and securing your education visa on time.

Youth Exchange programs provide the opportunity of a lifetime for young people to experience the culture and lifestyle of people living in other countries. By adapting yourself to a different way of life, and living away from your family, you will change and grow in ways you never thought possible! 

YESTE Stands for Youth Exchange Skills Training & Education. Doing Voluntary work for underprivileged people with limited resources in developing countries will be a life-changing experience.  YESTE helps you to connect with Student Exchange programs/ Voluntary work that helps to forge lasting relationships between countries, and gives you an opportunity to develop yourself in many ways.

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Yeste Migration Consulting Yeste Migration Consulting Yeste Migration Consulting Yeste Migration Consulting Yeste Migration Consulting Yeste Migration Consulting
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Yeste Migration Consulting

"With Yeste Migration Consulting, there was no need to worry about the immigration process. I felt welcome and in good hands."

Yeste Migration Consulting

"Going abroad to study by myself could have been very stressful. Luckily, Yeste was my family away from home and helped me to take care of everything."

Yeste Migration Consulting

"My wife and I were forced to immigrate. We used yeste’s services because we had no second chances and needed the assistance of the best consultant."